Pokerbility is your own personal odds calculator, providing you with the odds and recommendations while you play, in real time - serving as your automatic mentor and advisor while you learn the ropes of poker.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Oakland University!!!

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Top story from The Daily Texan

City Council will choose new taxi franchise based on merit

The Austin City Council rejected a motion Thursday to select one of three new taxi franchises for the city through a lottery process, seeking instead to work with the Urban Transportation Commission to create new merit-based guidelines that could produce a new service within about two weeks.

The action comes the same week that Roy's Taxi, a company founded by the late Roy Velasquez Sr., ended its 75-year business. In June, the City Council approved the transfer of Roy's Taxi to its competitor, Yellow Cab. Roy's Taxi was distinguished by its red and mint-green cabs.

With Yellow Cab acquiring 80 percent of the taxi market in the city, three applicants, Capital City, Lone Star and Longhorn Cab, are vying for a franchise and 55 cab permits.

Councilman Mike Martinez said the arbitrary lottery selection process put into place in 2003 is "a bad public policy" and merit-based guidelines should dictate what cab service the city adopts.

The Urban Transportation Commission has a meeting plan-ned for Monday as well as a specially called meeting the following week to finalize merit requirements. Features touted by the council and an official for the commission Thursday included disability accessibility, environmental incentives and cultural competence.

"When people come to our city, oftentimes the first impression they get is at the airport and who greets them," said Councilwoman Jennifer Kim.

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The Reporter's conferences and award shows include the Key Art Awards, which recognize the best in motion picture marketing and advertising.


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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Are you from Denmark? Here you go! =)

All-in-All er er nystartet firma, som har poker som hovedprodukt.

Vi prøver at skaffe det lidt mere specielle pokerudstyr både til
nybegynderne og de professionelle.

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Pokerbility is your own personal odds calculator, providing you with the odds and recommendations while you play, in real time - serving as your automatic mentor and advisor while you learn the ropes of poker.

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